Sunday, January 4, 2015

The gift that keeps on giving...thank you GOP!


Robo said...

I don't get it. Republican Martin Luther King, Jr. became a KKK member? The KKK was an off-shoot of the Democratic Party, Democrats who believed the party was not acting quickly enough in opposing civil rights after the turn of the century. Republicans passed the Civil Rights Acts of the 60's, opposed by southern Democrats like Al Gore, Sr., Democrat Gov. George Wallace, and Democrat Police Chief Bull Connor (who set the dogs and fire hoses on blacks and protesters). Now the Democrats keep blacks dependent on Government so they never progress, favor minimum wage laws that make it illegal for a struggling black person to take a job that pays less even if the employer wants to give it to him. I think you need a history and current events lesson, with due respect.

ArtMaggot Hysteria said...

Wow, that is a reach and a distortion of facts connected in such a weird way. Oh well enjoy the new and improved GOP.

Anonymous said...

Robo, unfortunately facts and the truth do NOT fit the Liberal play book. Whay tell the truth when a lie fits the narative so well. Steve O

ArtMaggot Hysteria said...

Oh the irony Steve O, I deny facts and tell lies.
Truth be told the current GOP is nothing like the GOP my Black Grandfather was a part of.
And all those really cool stories about the Democrats was the birth of the southern white male strategy.
So lets be honest, the biggest shift in and out of the GOP were race based, first slavery then came civil rights. Your party is now filled with blind hatred for the working class, working poor and poor.
Proud to be a liberal than an ignorant member of the GOP.

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